Articles and news about the science and technology behind Musico.

Inside Musico: A Q&A with the creators

We put together a series of questions raised by our users, early adopters and other professionals in the audio-visual and music industries, and discussed them with Musico CEO Lorenzo Brusci and other members of the technical team. The result is a fascinating conversation about the role of music and AI in the upcoming years, across […]

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Live AI – the era of cloud composing

Simpifying the access and usability of machine learning-based music generations: AI content generation usability is not a simple task. See how we have been coupling with the topic in our LIVE AI channel. The organisation of music tasks, based on consolidated DAW management procedures is one (revolutionary) thing. Embedding instant music behaviours, assuming the […]

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The future of musical AI

Check out our paper on “ImproBEAT”, our full Ai drummer. Off the Beaten Track: Using Deep Learning to Interpolate Between Music Genres. abstract: We describe a system based on deep learning that generates drum patterns in the electronic dance music domain. Experimental results reveal that generated patterns can be employed to produce musically sound and […]

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