MUSICO AI Drummer meets the human drummer Tomek Chołoniewski

Posted a year ago

MUSICO AI Drummer IMPRO BEAT (operated by Lorenzo Brusci on IMPRO BEAT VST plug-in) meets human drummer
Tomek Chołoniewski @BAZA club in Krakow, 25 November, 2019

“for an ImproVised Hybrid Meeting” –
AI instrumentalist, Lorenzo Brusci
AI Designer, Paolo Frasconi
Human Drummer, Tomek Chołoniewski
Plug-in design by Simone Conforti/Marco Bertola/ MUSICO

organizer, Marcin Barski, Baza Club, Krakow, 25 November, 2019

__ MUSICO designs AI based music instruments. Assisting human creativity is our goal, opening the door to a vast variety of music instruments and new synthetic music behaviours. __ __ #AI #AIMUSIC #AIInstruments

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