Impro and Song, mobile demo Apps

Posted a year ago

Developing different AI or Algorythmic or hybrid AIs engines is responding to different instrumentation and problem solving tasks. We developed different inputs for different adaptive modalities and generative music responsiveness; this implies the coordination of different tech strategies, as you can find out in our mobile Apps. See for example IMPRO and SONG.

Download the Apps – so far for iOs – and explore their generative potential. Dedicated posts will share more on their technology backgroun for example IMPRO as the first hybrid AI engine, with ImproBEAT machine learning drummer realtime orchestrating the music algorythmic events, while INTERPOLATING between 2 drum-patterns extracted from the training set. See below a video tutorial of SONG, where users are invited to sing on top of the BOTBAND.

Please, send us your recordings, we are establishing partnerships in order to develop a full instant music production tool out of this simple mechanism… call it Instant-Music-Messaging…

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