Musico @ Dutch Design Week

Posted a year ago

MUSICO was at the “TU/e: Drivers of Change”, Dutch Design Week, 19-27 October 2019, at the Eindhoven University of Technology. We were the Drivers of Change for #AIMusic and #MediaCreation during the whole week!

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MUSICO @ DDW 2019 distributed its actions in several events. The opening, weely communication and demoing activities at the “Drivers of Change” exhibition (see below a tech-score of the opening flash mob).

We have been involved at the workshop “Artificial Intelligence: Where Design, Art & Law collide?” We shared our state of the art in generative AI music, and in particular, a parametric shirt designer could control in realtime MUSICO’s IMPRO automatic composition, rising questions as “who is the composer of the music? Who owns the design of the shirt? The system(s) end-user(s)? Technology designers?…

“…If an algorithm helps you design a product or compose a song whose property is the result? New generative technology challenges the fundamentals of intellectual property law. […]” MUSICO took on the challenge to support the debate at Brainport Eindhoven, @brainport-tech-law OCT 23rd –

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