ATLAS 02: The future of music?

Posted a year ago

Naples, 8 February 2020
MAO – Media and Arts Office _ Asilo Filangieri – Geografie del Suono #57

ATLAS 02, the Future of Music , presents the event
“AI Generative Music”

interacting with musicians Giancarlo Lanza, Luca Canciello, Lorenzo Brusci.

Here is a clear example of what possible live context musicians would face using our AI music instruments. The trio is not altering IMPRO BEAT music generation, it’s just “realtime sound designing” on top of it, and then, starting from there, the meta-discourse is open to any further complex music behavior.

“Impro Beat” is developed by MUSICO, building on fundamental research made by prof. Paolo Frasconi and his team, DINFO, University of Florence (Ita).

A second excerpt, where a duo of electronic musicians is sound-designing in realtime on the AI Automatic Generative Music flow, operated via the MUSICO Plug-In “IMPRO”, deployed on a DAW. The AI engine is again an hybrid between a machine learning-generated Drummer conducting an algorythmic polyphonic orchestration.

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